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Want to know our rough charges, where we are based, if you can visit us, if we can visit you or work at our site or just wondering if we are interested in your search engine optimisation company, recruitment agency or other product/service?

If so, check the Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email!

14 + 7 =

Please do not contact us to try and sell, “interest us” or promote your product/service (from door mats to search engine optimisation to recruitment agencies) etc.

If we have need for your services, we’ll search online for you.

We don’t send unsolicited commercial email (a.k.a. “UCE” and “SPAM”) or perform “cold-calling” and we would appreciate the same respect.

Telephone (UK)

033 33 44 0059
Email is preferred

Telephone (Outside UK)

+44 33 33 44 00 59
Please replace the +44 with the your country’s “international exit dialling code”.
For example, for callers from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America (apart from Belarus, Russia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda) whose exit code is “00”: please call 00 44 33 33 44 00 59.
From USA/Canada (and other “North American Numbering Plan” countries) whose exit code is “011” call 011 44 33 33 44 00 59
International rates apply.
Email is preferred – especially for trans-timezone calls!


Our Skype Id is available on request. We don’t publish it here due to the amount of “spam adds” and the fact Skype doesn’t support multiple logins which poses difficulties.

Registered Office

Bairwell Ltd
First Floor
Telecom House
125-135 Preston Road
East Sussex
Please no visitors – this is our accountants office and you won’t physically find us there.
As a Private Limited Company (Ltd) we need to have our legally registered office address on our website, so here it is.

Postal/Trading address

Bairwell Ltd
2 Elder Court
Clipstone Village
NG21 9FU
United Kingdom
Please no visitors – we are not insured for third parties (visitors) being on site, do not have sufficient parking, don’t like unexpected visitors (we like to get on with work without interruptions) and we just might not be in!
If you have a need to meet up, please email us to arrange a suitable time and venue (if we deem a physical meeting is necessary).