Comprobo – Facial Detection

A company needed the ability to check a users face was visible in a web cam picture.
Comprobo had the requirement that, for user identification purposes, somebody should sit in front of a web camera and have their picture taken. The system then should check the picture to see if there was a human face in it, how confident it was in finding the face, and return various biometric details about the face. This should be returned in a JSON API format for consumption by the rest of the system. Working on a microservices development pattern and integrating with both a Java based workflow engine, an Amazon S3 data store (accessed via another microservice), JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication and Javascript for the frontend: we developed a Slim3 framework based PHP application which validated the request, fetched the image, passed it to the C/C++ facial detection system and returned the results using a JSON callback (along with caching the results)


June 2016


PHP with Slim3 Framework C/C++ dLib JSON

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