Comprobo – ViewAssure

Recording a users interaction with a web site that is shown exactly how they saw it.

ViewAssure was a “proof of concept” project for Comprobo. It was, in its essence, a “web browser recorder” – allowing clients to record user interactions (and load times) of their website for later playback and monitoring (such a scenario being of a user reading through a terms and conditions agreement).

It achieved this by allowing either a single Javascript file being included on the client’s website, the user having the “ViewAssure Chrome Extension” enabled (allowing “injection” of the Javascript file into any website of the users choosing) or the user having the ViewAssure server configured as a web browser proxy (which then injected the Javascript file). The Javascript then recorded page load information and “browser profile” information (user agent, IP address and cookie information) and all mouse/touch-pad/pointer and keyboard interactions with the website and recorded it (along with generating screenshots at the same time) for later playback.

Richard Bairwell constructed this entire project from scratch using a combination of the PHP Symfony2 framework, hand-coded Javascript, WKHTMLtoImage (for screenshot generation), ImageMagick for image resizing, Beanstalkd Queue Manager to enable fast responses/queuing system and a custom written Chrome extension.


July 2014






Chrome Extensions

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