Eastbrook Systems – Ink Finder Plugin

Finding the right compatible ink or toner for your printer can be problematic, that’s why we wrote the Ink Finder Plugin

Eastbrook Systems’ website was dedicated to selling printer ink, toner and other consumables and whilst potential customers could view products by category and do a “site search”, it was difficult to actually find the list of compatible inks and toners for their printer.

Richard (Bairwell) therefore developed a custom WordPress plugin for Eastbrook Systems which allowed them to list printer manufacturers/brands, the various models for each brand and then specify which of their WooCommerce e-commerce listed products was compatible for that model. This allowed potential customers to pick their printer make/brand and then the model number to get a list of all compatible printer inks and toner.

To allow for quick deployment, the ink finder plugin allowed uploading of a CSV file which could contain the brands, models and compatible SKUs and it would automatically populate the database based on these values.


July 2013


< £1,000



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