Open Source – Emoji Calculator

Want to calculate with Emoji instead of the tried and tested traditional +, -, divide and multiply signs? Why…
As a proof-of-concept, we were asked to come up with a “simple web based emoji calculator” (where the operators were emoji characters/symbols instead of the traditional +, – etc signs). The condition is that, apart from the frontend (powered by jQuery and Bootstrap), all of the code had to be developed by us – so this meant no using frameworks (such as Slim or Silex) or third party code. It also had to show quite a large degree of “best practice” usages: oh, and it had to be written within 4 hours: making what would be a very simple quick project into one that took the whole four hours to write a PSR-7 style “request/response” system, with MVC pattern usage, a container (following the PSR-11 container-interop style) and routing. After this we spent a few hours writing lots of unit tests for it and generally bringing it up to an even higher standard.


January 2017





Please don't ask us to make an Emoji calculator again.