Easy Internet – Free Virtual Numbers

Voice Over IP (VoIP) was a growing business and this Leicester based web host wanted in!
Using a third party ordering system as the backed, this UK Voice Over IP provider had me create the website (using a pre-purchased website template) whilst keeping in mind the search engine optimisation, work with the ordering-system provider to correct issues on their system, and then build a unique “telephone number to cost” lookup system: allowing customers to see exactly where a telephone number points to (country and region) and the cost of the service via the VoIP operator compared to British Telecom. The site is powered by PHP and MySQL – with the MySQL tables having to be designed in a specific way to cope with the overlapping “charge bands” for the VoIP and British Telecom (for instance: telephone calls to UK numbers starting XX should be classed as ‘Special rate’ unless they start with XXYY when they are classified as a “local rate” unless the number is XXYY ZZZ which means it’s actually a totally different rate).


August 2008



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