Specification – High Availability Safety System

A company approached us about a “safety product” they were providing which connected to servers in the event of a problem. They wanted a brief specification as to what a high availability system would look like for it.

A UK company approached us asking for a brief specification document to support their range of low-powered GRPS based Identicom Lone Worker Device products. These are safety lanyards which when activated, communicate with a central server to indicate help is required and the urgency of that help.

The specification was 10,000 units communicating at least every 30 minutes (to “check-in”/location updates): a minimum of 20,000 requests per hour: our specification would safely handle 360,000 messages an hour but could theoretically go up to 61,200,000 messages an hour.

Within a day, a basic document detailing the proposed load balancers, receiving stations, message brokers (using Redis) and file/data storage was put together as a topic of discussion.


August 2016


< £350


High Availability Load Balancers (HAProxy)

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