Un.Titled – Clarks International

A massive build of many international sites with data import and deployment requirements

Clarks Shoes needed 36 (initially 32) different WordPress sites for different geographical regions setup with slightly varying content depending on shoe availability and locality targeting. This information came from many different Excel spreadsheets (each could contain 800+ different products) and a file storage of images (with many images per shoe).

Un.titled asked us to design and build a “multi-site data importer” to read in the multiple spreadsheets, validate the data therein (in case of transcript/export errors), resized the “print ready” images to “web ready” sizes (and automatically upload them to Amazon S3) and then populate the sites with the appropriate categories, page data and product data.

We also took the supplied web page designs from Un.titled and made the responsive functional WordPress templates from them to allow this easy deployment of many sites into many regions (powered by Amazon Web Services running on RDS, EC2 and S3): along with the flexibility to create a “static” version of the site to be able to be easily deployed into a web host in China for the local market there.

They also required easy uploads for the biannual seasonal refreshes, country specific marketing imagery and multi language content, consolidating the British manufacturer’s international reach.


May 2015




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